Board members are individuals who love TASA and are extremely dedicated to making TASA the best that it can be. Get to know the people who run TASA of 2017-2018!

Cindy Jui | Co-President

Senior, Finance & Accounting

Cindy 101:
-I'm lowkey a coffee addict
-You'll most likely find me wearing sweatpants and flip flops
-I'll look sleep deprived 90% of the time, but you should still talk to me regardless :)
-I'm probably the clumsiest person you'll ever meet
-I love to travel, sleep, binge watch TV shows, and obnoxiously support our other APA orgs
-I don't have a soul 'cause i sold it to TASA - come check us out to find out why!! and learn 95 other fascinating facts about me!!
jkay, i'm boring. but TASA made my life slightly more interesting. come join TASA to find your family, your best friends, or just people to take pics with so that you don't look like a loner

Email: [email protected]

Justin Pan | Co-President

Junior, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Hi 帥哥美女! I am the 帥est 哥that you’ll ever meet. I’m currently a junior pursuing a double major in CS and EE. I’m also a member of Team DIVA in the Gemstone Honors Program. You can usually find me at Eppley lifting with my friends, in my room feeding my butt off on the rift, stuffing my face with delicious Asian food 24/7, or singing cheesy love songs in the shower to my poor roommates. As your co-president, I hope to bring to you many fun activities and create countless unforgettable memories! I look forward to welcoming everyone to my TASA fam :) Taiwan numba one!

Email: [email protected]

Vincent Liu | Secretary

Sophomore, Government and Politics

Tbh Drake is my spirit animal. I’m kind of corny, but I’m passionate about what I do--and I’m passionate about TASA! Saying “hi” to me is usually the only way you’ll get a word out of me, so don’t be afraid to say hi. I like listening to a lot of music, playing ping-pong and basketball, writing, and just talking. My friends sometimes say I think too much, but I say there’s no such thing. Where would society (or TASA) be without thinkers?

Email: [email protected]

Stephan Loh | Internal VP

Sophomore, Computer Science

Hey, I'm Stephan Loh
Internal Vice President
Read this by column

Some of who I am
Major: Computer science
Minor in music

Playing viola
Minor more time than major
Also in UMSO

In ACES program
Living Prince Frederick, 3rd floor
With Ablert, hehe

Don't be afraid
To hit us up anytime
He's friendly, I guess

Unlike treasurer
I'm actually Taiwanese
And down for chill nights

Have an obsession
With Honey Nut Cheerios
Last year, 45 😉

That's boxes for you
Always get Cedar Rapids
Cereal is life

Cause of that fiber
On average, I poop 4 times
In a single day

Excited to meet
Everyone new to TASA
And bond with the old

Email: [email protected]

Peter Tran | External VP

Senior, Supply Chain Management

Hey Guys!! I’m Peter a Senior majoring in Supply Chain Management. I’m serving as the External Vice President for TASA this year!!! You’ll catch me at other orgs events either volunteering or having good time so don’t be confused when you see me there as well. I’m in charge of creating collaborative events between different orgs and TASA so if you have any suggestions for events or orgs TASA should collaborate with then send them my way! Outside of TASA I love to cook and chill so yeah that’s about it.

Email: [email protected]

Madeleine Chan | Treasurer

Sophomore, Economics

She’s so crazy. She’s so fine. She’s your Treasurer. She’ll keep your funds in line.
Confession 1: I’m not actually Taiwanese
Confession 2: My home is in Southeast Asia
Confession 3: I prefer fancy cocktail parties than those messy, crazy ones (I'm an alcoholic)
Confession 4: I’m friendly and approachable on my good days, and compassionate on my bad ones
Confession 5: They call me a legend 😉 — Grab a seat, Join TASA and You’ll find out why.
I’m going to do a great job as your Treasurer because despite my lavish shopping addiction I haven’t gone broke ❤

Email: [email protected]

Julia Maa | Public Relations

Junior, Public Health

Hey I'm a rising Junior at UMCP majoring in Public Health Science. Outside of school, I like to binge-watch Netflix, take long naps, consume an unhealthy amount of French fries and bubble tea, and go on late night drives blasting old songs that will make me cry. I also enjoy spending time with her TASA fam, but I like bullying my worst litto, Alberta.

Email: [email protected]

Aza Shiao | AASU Representative

Sophomore, Microbiology

Hii, nice to meet you! I’m Aza (pronounced Bae-za minus the “B” sound). Basic stuff: I’m this year’s Asian American Student Union (AASU) Representative. I’ll be representing TASA at the AASU Community Council meetings and maintaining open communication between TASA and AASU. Real talk: I like exploring beautiful places, playing music/singing, running, and sleeping. I also LOVE TALKING TO PEOPLE so don’t be scared to say hi! Also, if you have any concerns or ideas to improve the overall Asian American community, let me know, and I’ll relay it to AASU!

Email: [email protected]

Grace Chen | Co-Historian

Sophomore, Psychology

Hey Everyone, I’m Grace. I love TASA and you will love it too !
So this is me 😄
-I have lived a third of my life in Taiwan so I’m really passionate about spreading the culture 😊
- without TASA I'm just a hardcore workaholic
-I have the loudest laugh in the universe but that just means I’m happy and willing to help 😉
-I am your paparazzi so I’ll take some bombass pictures for everyone. Even if I have some funny pictures of I’ll promise to make it fabulous - bottom line - be nice to me haha just kidding
-Even though I’ll be mostly behind the scenes taking snapshots, I’m still delighted to meet fellow TASA members so don’t hesitate to say hello!

Email: [email protected]

Hannah Horng | Co-Historian

Junior, Bioengineering & Math

Hello! My name is Hannah and I'm a junior bioengineering/mathematics double major and co-historian for this school year with Grace. If you see someone squatting and holding a camera at events, it's probably me trying to get the best angle for TASA photos (it's hard being tall). You can find me sleeping just about anywhere on campus, and I look forward to meeting you all!

Email: [email protected]

Tony Baek | Webmaster

Sophomore, Computer Science

Hey I'm Tony! I'm currently TASA's Webmaster, but don't let that fool you. The most I know about computers is how to turn them on and off! I'm a pretty casual sports player and a competitve (not really) gamer. Catch me nowhere because I hate going anywhere except online! I play smash, league, overwatch, starcraft, and a few other games. Please be my friend.

Email: [email protected]

George Wu | Fundraising Chair

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Sophmore, Information Systems


Sophomore,Information Systems

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Hi! I'm George and I'm currently a rising Sophomore majoring information systems with a minor in Spanish. I'm not actually good at Spanish so I'm not quite sure why I'm minoring in it, but I do hope to visit Spain one day (either just for travel or to study abroad) because it'd probably be pretty fun. I like playing games in my free time so if you ever want to play a game then don't be afraid to ask! I'm pretty bad at smash. I also like South Campus Diner. It's underrated.

Email: [email protected]

Rebecca Lu | Sports Chair

Sophomore, Undecided

Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca Lu and I am a Sophomore trying to get into the Smith business school. I will be serving as your TASA sports chair, so basically I will be coordinating all the TASA intramural sports teams throughout the year. Get excited if you love sports!! I like to play basketball, volleyball and tennis. And besides sports, I also love photography, video editing and boardgames. Feel free to hit me up if you wanna do any of the above :DDD

Email: [email protected]

Aileen Sun | Culture Chair

Junior, Criminology

Hello All! I'm Aileen and it's nice to meet you whether it is in the future or we've already met. I'm a criminology & criminal justice major. So this is the first year UMCP TASA has had the position of culture chair on board which makes me the first chair. I hope I'll do a relatively decent job and set a good precedent and standard for future culture chairs after me. Please don't be afraid to approach me about anything, I'm always willing to be a listening ear to anyone. One thing I think people should know about me is that I am a diehard Potterhead and I love the Harry Potter world so very much. I'm also a bit of a superhero geek so there.

Email: [email protected]

Albert Wang | ITASA Representative

Sophomore, Computer Science & Math

Hi! I'm a Sophomore computer science and math major at the University of Maryland, College Park. I like cooking and exploring. One time I made a dumpling inside of a dumpling. Another time I snuck onto the roof of Trump hotel. Another time I made tea eggs but replaced the tea with Coke. Another time I went scuba diving.
I'm looking forward to a great year on TASA!
P.S. I’ve never been scuba diving

Email: [email protected]

Julia Roh | Senior Advisor

Junior, Fire Protection Engineer

Hey, I'm Julia. Even though I magically happen to miss most of the board photos, I do exist. I am highly competitive and want to win at everything, even if you can't win (ex. puzzles). I'm a junior majoring in Fire Protection Engineering so, even though I'm the Senior Adviser, I'm not actually a senior (do I even advise?). Anywho, I'm TASA's "best dressed" so, at the very least you should come to TASA to look out for my killer outfits."

Email: [email protected]