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I’m Angela Pan, TASA’s #1 fan. I’m a junior CS and psychology major and I play the villager in Smash. Go TASA.


Angela Pan

Hello! My name is Aza, and I’m excited to spend my third year on UMCP TASA’s board. In my remaining time here, I’d like to strengthen the Taiwanese American and Asian American communities on campus. My passions include eating obscene amounts of food, working with children, listening to/playing music, dogs, women’s rights, and traveling (in no particular order).


Aza Shiao

Hi! My name is Alythia and I am a sophomore Neurobiology and Physiology and Spanish double major on the pre-med track! I’m not actually Taiwanese but I love TASA and am so excited to meet new people! My hobbies include bullet journaling, traveling, not going to the gym, eating a lot and being a bum! I love friends so please talk to me.


Alythia Vo

ITS AUTUMN. hashtag chicken nugs. I wish bunnies were the size of horses. I also wish EVERYONE would CoME to tasa.

Internal VP

Autumn Chiu

Howdy!! I'm Sarah, a sophomore philosophy major on the pre-med track. Catch me around campus giving tours, at the diner eating soft serve, or in class trying not to fall asleep. I like curating Spotify playlists, skincare, memes, food, and hanging with friends + family. I'm super friendly so don't be shy and say hi!! Can't wait to welcome yalls into our TASA fam :^)

External VP

Sarah Yang

Hi! I’m Angela and I’m currently a sophomore double majoring in finance and management. I love traveling, jamming out to music (especially DPR LIVE and Zion.T), and obviously Taiwan. I’m excited to make TASA the best org on campus.


Angela Chien

hi! i’m joella, a junior majoring in marketing with a minor in chinese! i'm not taiwanese (im chinese &viet) but i love tasa and i love taiwan!! #taiwannumberone in my free time i like to draw, watch anime, and learn languages! also i love glossier :) i cant wait to meet everyone! please talk to me im shy :))

Public Relations

Joella Huynh

Brian Pan. Sophomore, studying at the University of Maryland College Park. Attempting the studies of Computer Science. Korean BBQ connoisseur, Retired swimmer, lifter, man of culture and religion, and a meme. Keep it real. Gang gang


Brian Pan

Li ho I'm Dotson. I'm a junior CS and Piano major. I can type the alphabet in 1.7 seconds. Taiwan number 1.


Dotson Hsing

Hi! I’m Grace and I’m your co-historian this year! I'm a junior majoring in Cell Biology and Genetics. Yes, I have a RBF but I promise I’m a very nice person. Feel free to come up to me, I won’t bite! Besides TASA :heart:, I like going to museums and concerts, hanging out with friends, and sipping tea. I’m here to capture all the amazing memories you’ll be making with TASA, so smile when I come over with my camera!


Grace Lui

Hey, my name is Owen and I'm a sophomore CS major with a statistics minor. I love watching movies & tv shows (including anime, kdrama, and foreign films), messing around, and getting free stuff. I'm always down to try new foods/restaurants or learn cool skills. Hit me up


Owen Luo

Hi I’m Karen and I’m a Statistics and Community Health double major. I love napping and running. Can’t wait to meet everyone!!!

Co-Fundraising Chair

Karen Liu

Hey there, I'm Rafee, one of the resident co-fundraising chairs, and I'm a graduating junior computer science major with math minor. I'll be BLUNT, i want to get LIT with you, have a DANK time, and become best BUDs.

Co-Fundraising Chair

Rafee Islam

Titus' Athletic Student Association

Sports Chair

Titus Wong

Henlo!! I'm your Culture Chair for this year, striving to learn about the Taiwanese culture while I fulfill my duties (I'm Japanese heh)! I'm open to new ideas and would love to have conversations with everyone, so please don't be afraid to talk to me or shoot me a message with an idea you'd like to see in TASA. I'm only 4'9" and not intimidating at all :^) Allow me to get to know you all :3

Culture Chair

Risa Tanji

Some random guy


Alex Hsieh

Hi, I’m Aza….jk it’s actually Kyle #iykyk. I joined TASA my freshman year and it has honestly been one of the best parts of college for me. TASA brought me the best Big, introduced me to bubble tea, and gave me the change to meet a ton of amazing, loving, and fun people. Besides TASA, I love baking, playing volleyball, scrapbooking, traveling, and C-Stone. Come through so you can meet the real Aza—can’t wait to meet all of you!!


Kyle Lao

Hey! I am Yvonne, the Conference Director for ECC2020! ECC will be so fun. See u there! Follow @itasaecc for good stuff. I like naps.

Conference Director

Yvonne Chen

Hi! My name is Amber! I’m a Senior Biology major and hope to become a PA. I love dogs and food. I have a morkie named Alvin and my favorite food is noodles. I love to sleep and I procrastinate too much. I love one direction and BTS!!!! I always take pictures of my food before I eat and I’m really basic.

Senior Advisor

Amber Chen

Hellooo, I'm Eva!!! I am one of our many senior advisors this year. I am super recognizable, you can probably find me anywhere there's peppa pig heh (There's one on my packback) I love ramen, any kind of noodles, and I love karaokes ~ It's gonna be my last year so come out to hang out with me and all of the AMAZING peeps in TASA :)

Senior Advisor

Eva Tsai

Hi, I’m Nathan. Last year, I was the President of TASA, but now I’m pretty irrelevant. I’m a business major (information systems and finance) so I have a ton of free time. Feel free to message me

Senior Advisor

Nathan Chen

Stephan Loh, senior
Love Honey Nut Cheerios
Colored ambience

Me CS major
Now abroad in Edinburgh
See you all in Spring!

Senior Advisor

Stephan Loh

♡: Sports, Gym, Travel, Photography, Filmmaking, Boardgames, Friends (TV Show), Sushi & Corgi

Senior Advisor

Rebecca Lu

Hello! I’m Rita I’m a senior public health major. Outside of academics I sing professionally in the shower, dance and occasionally pretend to be on Masterchef. I also love turtles (go terps!) and have two pet turtles named salsa and bacon

Senior Advisor

Rita Chen

No bio

Alumni Advisor

Justin Pan

No bio

Alumni Advisor

Kathy Chen