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Hello, I'm Stephan
Co-President of TASA
And I'm a Junior
Major is CS
Minors are: Music, ACES
Loves CR Cheerios
Excited to meet
All the new people this year!
Flossing's important
UMCP TASA is on a roll


Stephan Loh

Insert Here


Nathan Chen

If you like Kanye, then we can be friends. If you don't like Kanye, we can still be friends. In other words, please be my friend. Other than Kanye I also like playing games (Smash, League, Guitar Hero, RPGs), listening to sad music while I'm sad, TV/anime, and baking while baked minus the baking. If you like any of the above, hmu for a good time :^)


Abhishek Mishra

No Bio

Internal VP

Dotson Hsing

Hello! I’m Aza (pronounced ayy-zah). About me: I like exploring beautiful places, playing music/singing, running (occasionally), and sketching. I’m also easily roast-able and approachable so don’t be scared to say hi! TASA is more than just a cultural student org to me—it’s my second family away from home. I can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to the fam!

External VP

Aza Shiao

No Bio


Nick Chow

Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca Lu and I am currently a junior, double majoring in marketing and operations management & business analytics. I was born and raised in Taiwan and came here two years ago. My hobbies include sports (basketball, volleyball, tennis etc), photography/filmmaking, traveling, and board games. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE dogs!!! I have a Corgi in Taiwan and his name is Milo. Feel free to hit me up if you wanna know me more :DDD

Public Relations

Rebecca Lu

Hi I'm a Sophomore Computer Science major and currently adding a Psychology major. If you work at Apple, please hire me. Go TASA.
Also, if you have any concerns or ideas to improve the overall Asian American community, let me know, and I’ll relay it to AASU!


Angela Pan

Hi! My name is Amber! I’m a Junior Biology major on the Pre-PA track. I’ve never been to asia and I can’t speak, understand, or write Chinese :upside_down_face:. My favorite food is sushi because you can eat it in a bowl, burrito, or a roll. I also love animals, especially my morkie (Maltese + Yorkie), Alvin (who my sister and I stole from our uncle). I also used to be obsessed with One Direction in 9th grade and I made a instagram fan page that got banned. I can’t wait to meet all of you!


Amber Chen

Hey, I’m Sally and I’m co-historian along with Amber this year! You will most likely find me in the background at events getting candid (and weird) pics. I like art, good food, traveling, and recently I’ve been into lifting. Hit me up if you want a gym buddy or food buddy!


Sally Feng

Hey I'm Timothy Zhou! I'm currently TASA's Webmaster. I like listening to music and hanging out. I also play a lot of video games and am an overall pretty cool guy. Please be my friend.


Timothy Zhou

My name is David and I'm a junior computer engineering major. I have black hair and brown eyes. My favorite food is sushi and I have 10 fingers.

Co-Fundraising Chair

David Hsu

Heyo! My name is Justin Sher and I’m junior computer science major although my parents think I should run an insurance company because my name is pronounced like “Just Insure” lol xD. As one of TASA’s Co-Fundraising Chairs, I have one job and one job only: making MONAAAAYYYYYY! If you haven’t already seen me around at TASA meetings or parties, you’ll probably see me at other AAPI events either doing wushu, Chinese yoyo, lion dance, or singing my heart out!

Co-Fundraising Chair

Justin Sher

No Bio

Sports Chair

Kevin Cheng

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Culture Chair

Eva Tsai

Hi! I'm Sam and I'm a Senior Computer Science major. I'm half Taiwanese. I'm a pretty cookie cutter computer science major, but I like photography and directing videos in my freetime. I also like spending time with my littles, messing around with new technology, hip-hop dancing, playing volleyball, rock climbing, and biking around campus. This is the first year TASA has a Video Director position, and I'm pretty sure it was made because I promised the last TASA President I'd run for it.


Sam Holmberg

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Rita Chen

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ECC Bid Director

Yvonne Chen

Hi! I’m Justin and I’m excited to be serving as one of your senior advisors this year! In addition to being involved in TASA, I’m also involved in College Park Diabolo and Technica. This year I am also serving as the assistant information director for ITASA so feel free to hit me up if you need a buddy to go to ITASA events. I’m always down to cook yummy food, work out at eppley, have impromptu jam sessions, and play games 🙂 Time flies so come hang out with me before I graduate!

Senior Advisor

Justin Pan

Hello there, It’s Maddi, and I am your Senior Advisor. In fact, I’ll be all kind of advisors to you, whenever you’re in distress, whenever you’re in a situation you feel that cannot be solved, or whenever you just need someone to talk to. Let me know and I’ll definitely be there for you !

Senior Advisor

Maddi Chan

Hey Everyone, I’m Grace
- I have lived a third of my life in Taiwan so I’m really passionate about spreading the culture
- I have the loudest laugh in the universe but that just means I’m happy and willing to help 😉
- On the side, I really like traveling especially going in food adventures and taking photos 😊 but also chilling at home and watching Asian dramas

Senior Advisor

Grace Chen