Upcoming/Current Events


Tour of Taiwan

Want to experience a piece of Taiwan without leaving CP and spending $$$? TASA’s annual Tour of Taiwan presents our first ever theme: All Aboard!
Travel on Taiwan’s train system and experience the sights, sounds, and smells of various cities! Performances, games, food, and RAFFLE PRIZES TOO.
Who: You What: TASA's 3rd annual Tour of Taiwan Where: Colony Ballroom, 2nd floor of Stamp! Why: To experience Taiwan at a low cost How: Venmo $3 to @UMCPTASA with your name and the caption "Tour of Taiwan" and come out!


Past Events


Project Runway

Have u ever thought to urself HOT DANG I could be a super model OR EVEN BETTER holy John Mulaney I COULD BE A DESIGNER If you’ve never had those thoughts even cross your mind You are a prime candidate and competitor of this weeks FAM COMPETITON! Come join ur family in racing to make and model the best outfits using toilet paper and tape.


Survive CP

Hear ye, hear ye… the zombie kingdoms of TASA and FCA have decided to ally together and create a new, unified TASA x FCA empire! The rulers of this newly merged empire want to expand their zombie nation, and have decided on UMD as their next targeted conquest. Their mission? Turn all the students into zombies. To do this, they will be sending out 10 of their best zombie taggers from the TASA x FCA empire to turn everyone undead. Your mission? Travel throughout campus, complete tasks, and avoid being turned into a zombie at all costs!


Volleyball GBM

It’s time.... to du-du-du-du-du- play Volleyball!! For our next GBM we will be having a 7 v 7 volleyball competition! HAH GOTEEEM! We will be having it at Eppley Recreation Center on the volleyball court side (duh) from 8-10PM. It’ll honestly be a great time to learn, have fun, compete and bond with everyone in TASA! Bring your friends, children, family, pet squirtle, everyone is invited (who has a UMD ID since they’d need to get into eppley).


The Farewell Screening

Come out October 18th at 7:00 to Hoff Theater for a free showing of The Farewell, starring Awkwafina. The event is being co-sponsored by AASU, TASA, CSA, MICA and SEE. Stay after the film to talk about themes brought up by the movie: identity, family, and generational differences!



Helllllooo and welcome to our first FAM COMPETITION!!! We will be hosting a CHOPPED x TASA, where each family is tasked to build a Gordon Ramsay approved dish out of ingredients provided courtesy of Autumn's lidl grocery shopping capabilities. Your dish will be graded on presentation, litty-ness, effort, back story and taste. So get creative! See you MONDAY fellow chefs ❤️


Big/Little Week

HELLLOOOOO and WELCOME to TASA’s BIG Little WEEEEEEK! We are so excited to meet all our incoming future littos and bring you into the warm loving and food-filled arms of a TASA family.
TASA Big Little Week 2019 events:
Wed. 9/18, 8 PM — Speed Dating @ Oakland MPR
Fri. 9/20, 7 PM — Board Game Night @ Oakland MPR
Mon. 9/23, 7 PM — Wonton/Movie Night @ Alloy
Wed. 9/25, 7 PM — Charades/Pictionary @ Margaret Brent
Sat. 9/28, 4 PM — Dodgeball @ Oakland MPR
Thurs. 10/3 — Reveal @ Jimenez Room


Shaved Ice GBM

Chill with TASA and try some refreshing shaved ice with new and old friends!
Join us at TASA's first Welcome GBM (General Body Meeting) to meet some cool people whom you'll cherish for the rest of college and beyond. We'll be introducing what TASA is, all the lively events we host throughout the year, and some special announcements that even returning members don't know about!!

8/30 - 9/1


The brothers of UMCP Phi Delta Sigma Fraternity, Inc, and our various sponsors, would like to welcome you all back to campus! To wrap up a successful summer, and the beginnings of a great school year, we are hosting 3 days filled with fun and festivities. This weekend will consist of events dedicated to unity and forging a strong bond within the Asian American Community. There is NO fee to attend, so come out, bring your friends, and let’s start the school year off with a bang!

8/17 - 8/18

TASA Beach Trip 2019

Before school starts again, come have a yee hawin’ time with some fanTASAtic people!!
Don’t be a beach, come join us🤪🤪🤪 see u there!!🤑😊👀👀


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