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Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA) is a social and cultural student organization that aims to celebrate Taiwanese culture. We welcome people from any cultural background as long as you are curious or passionate about Taiwanese culture. We have weekly GBMS on Mondays 7pm - 9pm in Stamp Student Union and host multiple events each semester. Want to learn more? Check out what were about.
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TASA organizes many fun events throughout the year! Be sure to follow us on Facebook for all the latest announcements!

Tour of Taiwan Coming up!

Want to experience a piece of Taiwan without leaving CP and spending $$$? TASA’s annual Tour of Taiwan presents our first ever theme: All Aboard! Travel on Taiwan’s train system and experience the sights, sounds, and smells of various cities! Performances, games, food, and RAFFLE PRIZES TOO. !
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Project Runway

Have u ever thought to urself HOT DANG I could be a super model OR EVEN BETTER holy John Mulaney I COULD BE A DESIGNER If you’ve never had those thoughts even cross your mind You are a prime candidate and competitor of this weeks FAM COMPETITON! Come join ur family in racing to make and model the best outfits using toilet paper and tape.
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Survive CP

Hear ye, hear ye… the zombie kingdoms of TASA and FCA have decided to ally together and create a new, unified TASA x FCA empire! The rulers of this newly merged empire want to expand their zombie nation, and have decided on UMD as their next targeted conquest. Their mission? Turn all the students into zombies.
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Check out our co-presidents!

Angela Pan


I’m Angela Pan, TASA’s #1 fan. I’m a junior CS and psychology major and I play the villager in Smash. Go TASA.

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Aza Shiao


Hello! My name is Aza, and I’m excited to spend my third year on UMCP TASA’s board. In my remaining time here, I’d like to strengthen the Taiwanese American and Asian American... Read More

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